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Case Studies

Create Audience Connect

When it Matters the Most



A beer brand in Indonesia wanted to connect with audiences who are light drinkers, price sensitive and would casually pair a drink to go with a meal. 


  • Most Light drinkers purchase beers from stores or modern retail outlets.
  • Cost of beer in stores is 3.1x lower than that at bars or pubs.


  • Keeping in mind the brands TG, Lemma identified places that had higher concertation of the defined TG.
  • For this purpose 50 POS terminal screens with an average footfall of 200 a day were utilized to show multiple creatives.


  • As DOOH regulars the brand experienced cost efficiencies using Lemma’s programmatic capabilities. An Ecpm of 50 rupiah was attained
  • The brand has adopted Programmatic DOOH as an always on strategy.
  • To create a connect with the audiences the creatives showed how the beer can be paired with any meal at home.
  • All of this was remotely managed using Lemmas centralized system which brought in ease, in campaign delivery, creative rotation & measurement.

Drive Innovation and Impact

with moment marketing


Objective and Challenge

An entertainment brand wanted to create buzz and garner visibility just before the release of their popular movie. 

Entertainment as an industry heavily utilizes OOH for promotions. This brand wasn’t an exception either. 

However the challenge was to ensure the medium is used in a manner, so as to break the media cutter & attain higher OTS.

Strategy and Solution

A unique strategy was crafted which married the two mediums i.e. Digital and OOH to deliver an impactful campaign which rendered dynamic creatives in real time on digital billboards basis the weather conditions.

Elements from the movie representing Wind, Fire and Water were showcased dynamically  on DOOH screens in sync with the weather condition. 

E.G when it rained the water elemental creative was rendered in real time across multiple digital screens. 


  • A total of 700K impressions were delivered in 5 days.
  • The campaign witnessed organic traction with mentions on several media news sites.
  • Maximum impressions were served to the millennials 18-34years.

Create Awareness

by being relevant



FIFA under-17 World Cup, was one of the biggest sporting events hosted by India with live streaming available on the SonyLiv App.


Limited budgets from the organizers and sponsors, resulted in limited buzz around the event.


Deserting television for digital platforms, is a on the rise amongst the millennial's and this holds true especially for sports as a category.

Strategy and Solution

Strategic Placement –Right Place 

Millennials spend maximum of their waking hours at work. Keeping in mind that Apps are their go to platform & corporates their hub, we chose 50 digital screens across corporates to create awareness about the event & in turn drive app engagements.

Dynamic Creatives – Right Message 

Brand showcased dynamic creatives in real time highlighting the matches for the day, thus being highly relevant & encouraging user to engage with the app.

Timed Exposures – Right Time 

Ad exposures were increased during hours that complimented the match hours & were also time-slots where footfalls were maximum. E.g. – 4.00 to 5.00pm during tea breaks or 7.00pm-8.00pm when people leave for home.


Amplify Moments

Beyond mobile and web


Objective and Challenge

Given how cluttered the space gets during any celebrated moment, it was important for the brand to find a way to effectively reach the audiences and grab their attention while amplifying the ongoing social campaign.

Strategy and Solution

Using programmatic DOOH Lemma simply hosted the brands digital creatives on a centralized dashboard and remotely served the ads across 30, 24*7 retail outlets in Delhi NCR region, in real time.


  • A total of 100K impressions were delivered in a single day.
  • The campaign largely reached out to Male TG.
  • Extending the campaign beyond personal screens & by being present at all touch points, the brand delivered an omnichannel experience

Real Time – Moment Based Marketing



Maruti Suzuki wanted to increase footfalls across showrooms in the key markets and in turn encourage test drives for the “Dzire” Model.


  • Lemma Identified Traffic signal locations as primary catchment areas to grab the attention of the TG.
  • Screens within the vicinity of the showrooms were also utilized.
  • Car Owners & Passengers stuck at traffic lights were exposed to contextually relevant dynamic ads at the right moment.
  • Offline CRM integration was also included to gage the impact of the campaign on leads garnered.


New Age Media For New Age Brands



SBIlife term insurance extended it’s “main se hum” new year campaign on screens outside of mobile seeking to bridge the gap between online and offline media and reach newer audiences.

Campaign Details

  • Amnet(programmatic wing -Dentsu) along with Google DV360 & Lemma as it’s technology partners enabled India’s first programmatic DOOH video campaign.
  • The ads were programmatically rendered on 24 outdoor and indoor screens across Maharashtra & Delhi NCR Regions.
  • The campaign covered areas with high visibility and density thus reaching out to large set of audiences.
  • Programmatic ad delivery gave the brand the opportunity to leverage the topical event of new years and showcase real time ads with relevant messaging on DOOH screens.
  • The audience data gathered through the campaign was repurposed to target users on their mobile screens. The data highlighted that most users in the targeted vicinities' used mid-range smartphones and belonged to the millennial subset of audiences and were largely males.


Garner Visibility through Innovation



A digital advertising technology brand for premium content creators wanted to announce about the hiring drive.

The brand wanted to do this in manner that was never attempted before, to ensure they capture the attention of the most relevant Target udiences. 

The brands defined TG was young job seekers & IT professionals.

Strategy and Solution

Four key factors were taken into consideration to ensure optimal ampaign delivery and  serve targeted impressions with programmatic DOOH.


Identify locations with maximum footfalls of the desired TG.


Large digital display canvas were used to garner visibility


Screens in close proximity of IT hubs, corporate parks, commercial spaces, universities.


Increased ad frequency during work travel hours 8.00am to 11.00am and 6.00pm to 8.00pm


2 video creatives were displayed across 14 primes locations .


Real Time Moment Marketing with programmatic DOOH



Asian paints wanted to create awareness for their latest collection of Royale Play paints just before the onset of the festive season.


Paint the city with Asian paints.

Using Lemma Platform integrated with live data feed we identified triggers in real-time, subsequently activating the campaign. In this case, the campaign was activated basis the traffic signal light identified and dynamic creatives were rendered in sync.

Attract the right audience with relevancy



SKORE launched a new product, a first in it’s category a 𝐩𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐩𝐫𝐚𝐲.

SKORE not only wanted to create brand awareness but also wanted to generate category awareness within the right TG.


  • Brand wanted to create a connect with the young upscale males who could relate to the product and category.
  • Lemma matched key clusters that attracted high density of millennials and displayed creatives across large screen at leading pubs in metro cities.
  • The campaign was launched during peak hours with maximum footfalls, thus winning the attention of and attracting the right audience for the brand.

Virtual Cricket OUTDOOR With programmatic DOOH



To create TOMA for the brand amidst stiff competition.


The brand wanted to capitalize on the impact window generated by the buzz around India –South Africa series, but this clashed with the onset of Diwali, leading to high media decibels & excessive brand clutter on all mediums


Lemma is integrated with Verizon DSP which made it easy for the brand to execute the 10 day campaign across metro cities.

75 screens were identified with high density of desirable TG and the ads were rendered at modern retail outlets, metro stations, cafes & restaurants that witness higher footfall during festive seasons in particular.


  • The brand garnered high visibility reaching a little over 0.5Mn audiences.
  • A slight uplift in app downloads and in app engagements were also noticed

PHD Redefines Digital Advertising with Programmatic DOOH. Garners 3.3Mn audience reach.


Campaign Name – HP Back to School

Duration – 3 weeks

Objective and Challenge

To maximize audience reach , thereby aiding brand awareness and recall.


  • Primary Audience – Gen Z - Teens & Young Adults (up to to 22)
  • Secondary Audience – Parents of tweens,teens & college goers

Execution and Channels

  • A blanket coverage was created using Programmatic DOOH screens across 4 key markets utilizing over 85 screens at prime location with maximum concentration of the brands TG
  • The campaign was executed with DV360, a DSP primarily used to execute Digital campaigns but can now be used to execute DOOH campaigns via Lemma platform.


The campaign enabled the brand to reach over 3.3Mn users across key markets in less than 3 weeks at crucial consumer touch points outside home.

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